When to Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer


Patients are often regularly abused especially if a nursing home does not have properly trained staff to carry out their responsibilities well. Although not all nursing homes neglect their patients, there are actually a number of them reported to have been mistreating and abusing their residents.

Families bring their elderly loved ones to live in a nursing home because they think that these homes can take care of them better. However, those brought to the care of these homes suffer from physical and emotional neglect as well as different kinds of abuses.

Common areas of abuse include bedsores, malnutrition, wandering, physical abuse, mental abuse, falls, dehydration, and elopement. These patients only deserve the best care but sadly this is no longer the case with the rate of abuses that are regularly reported. It is not only negligence that constitutes the abuse, but there are those who inflict verbal and emotional abuse as well. There are stories told by patients of the insufferable verbal abuse they often hear from nurses and attendants that were given the task to take care of their needs. These needs are all-encompassing and should be given the proper attention by these nurses.

In order to provide the right treatment to nursing home patients, nurses should be appropriately trained. When they don’t receive the proper training they tend to be impatient and unkind and these emotions bring about the abuse they inflict on their patients.

Sometimes, these abuses lead to physical injuries and in worst cases, even to death, either directly or indirectly. An elderly may have run off and hurt himself after hearing foul language or verbal abuse from his attendant. Sometimes health requirements are neglected such as the proper medical treatment or medication, dehydration, urinary tract infection, weight loss, and respiratory infections which when left untreated would surely complicate the health of the patients and lead to death. Sometimes they justify death as the effect of poor patient health instead of their own negligence.

Seeking the help of a nursing home abuse attorney is the best step to take when this happens. He can help you in seeking justice for the injuries or death of your loved one who have suffered under the hands of nurses and attendants in nursing homes.

There have been a lot of lawyers such as a Clearwater workmans comp lawyer who have been standing up against these abusive treatments of these homes towards their patients. You can always find these nursing home abuse lawyers like Brandon nursing home abuse attorney in whatever state you are in. the elderly should be treated with due care and it is just right for you to seek redress in court whenever a loved one is abused in these facilities.

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